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We take credit cards through Paypal.

We take credit cards through Paypal.

Shoe Size Chart


The industry claims it cannot standardize sizes because feet are not standardized. Two people may have feet the exact same length and width, as measured on the flat underneath, however their feet may be quite different in shape. Indeed, even the two feet of one individual may differ significantly.

In general, when purchasing high heels with closed pointed toes, you will need to go up 1 size larger than you normally wear in flat shoes, however this is not always the case. High heels fit differently than tennis shoes.

Please note the size conversions listed are only APPROXIMATE.



U.S. Women's U.S. Men's 
5 3
6 4
7 5
8 6
9 7
10 8
11 9
12 10
13 11
14 12
15 13
16 14


U.S. Men's Costume Size Equivalent
8-9 Small
10-11 Medium
12-13 Large


U.S. Children's Size Equivalent
9-10 X-Small
11-12 Small
13-1 Medium
2-3 Large
4-5 X-Large

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